Aya Teppanyaki

 photo 0CB750FB-48E5-4724-BD10-61F3DB93D489_zpsqaxro5kr.jpg

Say hello to the chef that was in charge for our dinner that night ^^ (thank you!!)

Decided to give this place a little go as a little booster  before study week officially commences. Not to mention, my partner was attracted by the cover photo on their Groupon voucher (LOL) and since we didn’t manage to do anything for our anniversary, this was a perfect opportunity to ‘celebrate’ (◠‿◠✿) hehe.

The offer costs $55 (per person) for a 12 course meal  (Usual Price $118.60)

The street where this restaurant was kind of dodgy, mainly because it was already dark and there was hardly anyone there. Also the restaurant was pretty empty when I got there (7pm) & the lady who welcomed us in wasn’t too friendly (but she was all smiles when we left LOL)


 photo 183BF085-663F-422C-8085-91CA5D302B97_zps26z5nvkq.jpg

Miso soup was salty so I was pretty disappointed with it since the ones I make with the miso paste at home is much better.

I haven’t found a good editing app to add text and arrows so please excuse me o(╥﹏╥)o

The 3 sauces in the photo is as follows: (their service staff will explain this nicely to you!)

  1. Ponzu Sauce – for Seafood
  2. Chilli Mayo – for Anything
  3. Miso Sauce – for Meat

You’d probably think the miso sauce is probably just miso paste but NOOOOOOO…… it has a texture and taste was sort of similar to that of a custard so it was kind of weird.

 photo 8CCC8571-8778-4264-BBA3-FC7EDA1D3D55_zpsqu7xvrs2.jpg

Since my partner needed to drive, so we changed the sake to a pot of green tea which has some roasted barley (I think) inside which made it more flavourful. Have to admit that I was a little disappointed that they didn’t allow us to change the Sake to other drinks on the menu like Sprite, Coke or Juices but the tea was pretty good (& also a healthier choice)!! hehe.

Next, we were supposed to get the salad but I guess they weren’t ready with it/they screwed up the order .. So we got Assorted Sushi, Sashimi and Wagyu Beef Tataki first.

 photo 39DEF2E5-752F-4AB5-B860-0BC85CECD6DB_zpst8egdzgr.jpg

I apologise for the bad photo but OH MY GOSH this was SUPERB!! 10/10 just for these 3 items alone!! So so so good. The sashimi was so FRESH; the sushi with sashimi, avocado and cucumber really went well together and the beef tataki was dressed with some shredded lettuce below and a light citrus sauce. Everything was just SO FRESHSO GOOD(~ ̄▽ ̄)~♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡

The only downside to this was probably that the sashimi was thicker than usual but I’m not that picky with that so it was alright ☺

I was finally served the salad but…
 photo 7A4006ED-E320-49A6-82BF-9322BD8B576C_zpsxzucyihy.jpg

It was served with the same sauce as the wagyu beef tataki but the citrus flavour (acidity) was WAY TOO OVERPOWERING so we just couldn’t finish the salad. Disappointing.

& it’s finally TEPPANYAKI TIME ^^
 photo 0CB750FB-48E5-4724-BD10-61F3DB93D489_zpsqaxro5kr.jpg

Forgot to ask the chef what his name was but here he is showing us what he will be cooking for us. He has great customer service skills, entertaining the kids (& adults) on the same table with amazing knife skills, throwing skills and even giving us a fire show.

Update: Turns out this guy is the BOSS of Aya Teppanyaki!?!

 photo F5BBE76C-C6C8-4EA0-BE26-D3E9E66306A3_zps1x8bbs5y.jpg
The fire show JUST for fun (LOL)

He’d cool down the fried egg and ask you to open your mouth so that he can throw it inside. The trick is to not move at all cause his skills are pretty damn good (◕‿-). Didn’t participate in this because I felt like AN OLD HAG next to a bunch of kiddos that were probably only in primary school hahaha but will probably try the next time I visit with my family!

 photo D2FB4D8E-FBB1-4CDA-B43A-5246FE43E8E2_zpsxjjxbgkw.jpg
Seasoning with salt

PS: The white fish in the middle was not included in my Groupon deal, it belongs to the other customers around the table ☺

The next dish was the Scallops!! YUM. I LOVE SCALLOPS ♡
 photo B3DFF91B-074B-4A0D-A1A7-E18BDEF8F826_zpsplvgn32y.jpg

The scallops, and basically most of the food that was cooked via teppanyaki are seasoned with salt, pepper, light soya sauce, cooking sake & fried garlic.

Scallops were really good, well seasoned and the sides are cooked nicely so that the outside is a little crispy while the inside is still soft. Perfect!☑

 photo A9CDEA1F-6095-4515-B050-20000B87A599_zpsdxdvrchb.jpg
Really bad photo (Sorry!) but LOOK AT THAT 🙂

Next was the salmon!🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

It was only lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, and then topped up with some teriyaki sauce (optional) when served. Again, it was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside ♡ (Did i mention how much I love it when my food is cooked that way? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ CAUSE I REALLY DO.)

& then, the teriyaki chicken thigh;
 photo 1979E203-58B0-4CE0-B5E0-FD50B9CC8D2B_zpsaaikppqz.jpg
 photo EACF656F-E73B-493A-9352-BADA3FA50EC5_zpsrkybizif.jpg
 photo A8105060-FD75-4113-8567-3659031D430E_zpsjovf3nvj.jpg

Before I forget, this chef really takes good care of his work space and makes sure that he cleans it down after each dish to make sure that the flavours don’t mix together ☑☑☑☑☑☑☑ (or maybe they’re all like that but whatever I was impressed HAHA).

Teriyaki was juicy and SO flavourful! I didn’t pay much attention to it though since I was already busy drooling at the lobster that he was preparing to cook….໒( ˵ ° ۝ ° ˵ )७

 photo C269CAC5-2580-48B6-BD4A-A9F618922305_zpsqzm3fugb.jpg
 photo FC1D3D8E-33BC-4921-A5E9-1695D0C6B189_zps5orj0oc2.jpg
 photo ADD1CA09-13F5-4CED-A17E-503296B0784C_zps5byoit9k.jpg
 photo 8FA20A2C-9EAD-464E-B488-1A2BCEEF16D8_zpsyr9gbiyd.jpg
The chef even made sure that the shells were cooked so that he can use it for presentation ♥‿♥ I WAS SO IMPRESSED!! Until I ate the lobster… Mine was kind of undercooked a little inside while my partner’s one was slightly overcooked, until it is chewy but not rubbery at all. I don’t blame the chef since he puts a lot effort into cooking and making sure he entertains his customers at the same time. Plus, I preferred the fully cooked one to the undercooked one so my partner and I just switched. Win win. Would probably let the chef know to be more careful the next time I visit ☺

Next was stir fried vegetables *groans*

 photo 3CFF38A7-765C-48BE-A882-3BC39B641581_zpsxbci9vn7.jpg

Ugh. Look at how much bean sprouts there are!!! Hate those (ι´Д`)ノ But I ate it because the sauce was SO good and also because the chef will serve the food on the SAME plate which was directly in front so the veggies were taking up the space. Plus, I didn’t want the veggies to mix with the next dish – WAGYU BEEF (´ ▽ ` )
 photo 5882F905-55B7-44FC-9B6F-4AA14482F02D_zpsthohmmxw.jpg
 photo 5A3FD419-943F-4821-A33C-6C9E4A1153D0_zpsgfgs0sf1.jpg
& then…. it was all ruined…with butter. Unbelievable right? Yeah. I wished it ain’t true too.
 photo FC253201-55D8-4D6D-8B5F-1C0470A3C91B_zpshsuhrrhw.jpg

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ WORST MOVE EVER?!

 photo 4DF19F47-DC1D-4144-A1D7-F607091E7BBA_zpsw3rkvyqh.jpg

Presentation wise, it looks great, a little charred on the outside and pink on the inside, a perfect medium rare… but the butter made the wagyu beef taste like cheese (?!) which was revolting so I just ate a few pieces and gave the rest to my partner. I can feel the disappointment as I type this and my heart is breaking again (LOL SO DRAMATIC but I LOVE BEEEEF ಥ⌣ಥ)

Up next was the fried rice!
 photo 074D902D-3333-4081-84C0-E1E04F3C3691_zps07cglr5i.jpg
 photo D61BA2D8-9F89-47DA-B592-ED0E721E6554_zps0zrfza0q.jpg
Oh my god by then I was kind of feeling a little jelat (click for a googled meaning HAHA) so I only ate a little but it was pretty good. Not impressive that I’d order one off the menu though :/

& finally, ICE CREAM TIME 🍦
 photo 94B746D1-6351-4581-87D0-B0E04769F65F_zpskvlsrxzg.jpg
This is pretty much regular vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup 🍨  and it wasn’t that great.

All in all, the whole 12 course meal was pretty great for the amount that I paid for ($55) via the Groupon (AU) voucher. The food at Aya Teppanyaki is REALLY fresh so I’d definitely go back for that even without a Groupon voucher! Already planning my next visit with my family (hehehehe so excited) and can’t wait to try their Karage chicken & Australian King Prawn!! Also, I’m going to let the chef know I don’t want any butter with my wagyu so I hope it’s going to be as good as I imagine ( ᐛ )و HEHE

It’s definitely worth the try! & so glad that it was my partner’s FIRST TEPPANYAKI EXPERIENCE HAHA. He was so impressed with it he kept asking if we could come back again hahahahhaha

Quickly give it a try before the Groupon Special ends!! (Especially if you’re a cheapskate like me HAHA).

Price: 8/10 Pretty worth it for the quality of food
Portion: 8/10 Filling as a whole ☺
Quality: 9/10 Very Fresh
Flavour: 7/10 (Read more to find out)
Service: 9/10
Will I come back here again?: YES. Already planning my next visit ♡ (with the Groupon Offer of course hehehehehe).

Aya Teppanyaki
1193 High Street
Armadale, Melbourne, VIC 3143

With Love,
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