Homemade Beef Burger

Hey guys! This is my take on a homemade beef burger recipe which I got from allrecipes.com and changed it a little since I don’t have all of the ingredients readily available.

Oops!!! Just realised this recipe was for a serving size of 8 instead of 2 which I was planning to cook for.. that explains why I had so much minced meat left! Hehehehehe ☺️Silly mistake – do not learn from me. Divided 2 pounds by half instead of by 4 to get a serving size of 2 which means I would have only needed 225g!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

 photo Photo 7-05-2016 18 12 10_zpsqrutfldc.jpg


  1. Hamburger Buns (used Brioche buns because I love the flavour of it; bad idea though)
  2. 500g of Minced beef (that is if you want a huge patty like mine! Otherwise 250g is probably enough for 2 servings)
  3. 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce
  4. 1½ tablespoons of Evaporated Milk
  5. 2 cloves of Garlic (minced)
  6. 1 egg
  7. Salt & Pepper to your liking

 photo Photo 7-05-2016 18 29 56_zps4dlru4tj.jpg
Dump all the ingredients listed into a huge bowl so you can mix them well. Looks pretty gross and it requires more energy if you use a utensil so I just used my hands! Mix mix mix!!

 photo 9ab232bc-27d5-495f-9925-dbfb24aaf879_zpsuqrrlbzt.jpg

Tip: Add some parsley for a slight lemon/refreshing/lighter/fresh herb taste to the patty. Forgot all about it so maybe I’ll try it next time. 

Next, prepare the other stuff you wanna add to the burger or as a side. Don’t worry about the burger patty for now. I simply covered it with cling wrap while I let the minced beef soak up the sauces properly – or at least I like to think it does.

I only added herb & garlic butter to spread over the brioche bread, some SMOKED CHEESE (Yumzzzz) and some fresh green lettuce (>1 slice b’cos I just feel bad for eating chips at night and more veggies = thinking that it makes the burger slightly healthier = good enough for me ^^); stir fried mushrooms (used about 4-5 of them) and some baked store bought frozen beer battered chips (not shown in the photo below).

 photo Photo 7-05-2016 18 43 33_zpsknh1ooog.jpg

Tip: If you’re worried about not cleaning mushrooms well, you can pull out the stem and peel off the thin layer cover the cap of the mushroom. 

 photo fcshare-Y646WuQO_zpshotguyb8.jpeg

Finally it’s time to make the burger patties!! Yayyyy!!!! not.

The minced beef mix felt so moist it was kind of gross but I decided to trust myself (or the recipe actually) so I went ahead to make the patties. I thought the patties will be juicier/pink in the center if I made it 4 times bigger than the kind you’d probably get at a fast food joint.

 photo Photo207-05-2016201820462049_zpscahstms8.jpg
Put it over a paper towel instead of a plate because I’m lazy to wash so many things hahahhaa. BAD idea though. Paper towel soaks up the juices from the patty!!! Pan fry the patty in a non-stick pan (I used tefal) for about 4-5 mins on each side I can’t really remember since I was doing so many things at the same time.
 photo Photo 7-05-2016 18 57 21_zpsodv9kzdb.jpg

When my intuitions HAHA just kidding. When the patties had a nice colour to it I covered the pan with aluminium foil poked with holes to cook the patty through since my patties were so big!!!!!

 photo Photo 7-05-2016 18 57 59_zpsorwqqdbf.jpg& in my paranoia in seeing pink juice coming out of the burger patty, I pressed them down with my spatula!!! BAD BAD BAD IDEA DO NOT FOLLOW. *cries* Should have trusted the patties more since the recipe I looked at was ‘juiciest burger’.

Oh….. well.. moving on since I don’t want to end up with NO dinner.

Toast the brioche buns slightly so that it is easier to spread the garlic & herb butter + it makes the buns slightly crisp up on the outside.

 photo Photo 7-05-2016 18 56 40_zpsllpjhtlb.jpg
Take them out when they are crisp enough to your liking and then place your desired toppings on top. When your patties are about to be done, place your cheese (optional) onto the patty while in the pan. Once the cheese has been melted slightly, take the patty out and assemble your burger. My cheese is probably too melted to your liking but I like it this way ^^. HEHEHE SO EXCITED FOR THE END PRODUCT NOW
 photo Photo207-05-2016201920082048_zpsjx92xymx.jpg

My other patty was slightly bigger so it required more time to cook through. Use the juice left behind from the previous burger + a little bit of butter to get it going.

 photo Photo207-05-2016201920042051_zpsmdyuikfg.jpg
As soon as my chips were done, I started plating up. Not the prettiest of dishes but hey, it was a not-too-bad dinner for my first time making a hamburger.

& voilà!!!

 photo Photo207-05-2016201920112038_zpskj655eef.jpg

While the patties turned out very very slightly juicy, the brioche bun just became flat halfway through. Highly DO NOT recommend using these buns for burgers!!

Burger flavour 6/10. Boyfriend thinks the patties are too dry </3. -10 points for him HAHAHA

Really not too bad!! Pretty surprised with the evaporated milk added into the patty but ^^ turned out well!

Hope you liked it ☺

With love,

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