La Miel Et La Lune

a.k.a the cafe in my header image. 

Back at the place where I had my very 1st brunch when I first came to Australia ♡.I remember when we first went in 2012, when they realised we were sharing, they gave us more at the same price. Although their portions have decreased a little, this is still my number 1 go to place for brunch simply because it is slightly below average brunch prices in Melbourne (~$23). Also, I have NEVER had a bad impression of their food.

 photo 5F5ACD4E-E450-476B-B266-91911BA3CDDE_zpszuyn8s2g.jpg
Pork Belly Potato Hash ($18)

Everything was made to perfection. I recommend to share this between 2 people or just don’t eat anything before this!!!

The pork belly wasn’t too fatty like a siew yoke (click to see what it is) and the potato hash was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Comparable to a MacDonald’s hash browns – sounds like a bad reference but srsly, they have the BEST hash browns.

They used shimeji and enoki mushrooms in this dish which makes it really interesting. Because enoki is kinda stringy while shimeji is just, well, like a cup mushroom you can get at woollies.

I usually get the big breakfast because its really simple with bacon and mushrooms on toast etc but I am currently in the potato hash craze right now ~〔´∇`〕~.

Also, really sorry for the bad description of the food, I was just busy talking the entire time, catching up with an old pal so I didn’t savour the food as much as I should have. You should definitely give this place a go if you’re nearby!




Aya Teppanyaki

 photo 0CB750FB-48E5-4724-BD10-61F3DB93D489_zpsqaxro5kr.jpg

Say hello to the chef that was in charge for our dinner that night ^^ (thank you!!)

Decided to give this place a little go as a little booster  before study week officially commences. Not to mention, my partner was attracted by the cover photo on their Groupon voucher (LOL) and since we didn’t manage to do anything for our anniversary, this was a perfect opportunity to ‘celebrate’ (◠‿◠✿) hehe.

The offer costs $55 (per person) for a 12 course meal  (Usual Price $118.60)

The street where this restaurant was kind of dodgy, mainly because it was already dark and there was hardly anyone there. Also the restaurant was pretty empty when I got there (7pm) & the lady who welcomed us in wasn’t too friendly (but she was all smiles when we left LOL)

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