Hi there ☺!

Welcome to my food blog! Hehe. You may or may not know me but that isn’t important right? I’ve decided to blog anonymously because I feel more comfortable with that and it gives me a lot of freedom with what I actually want to post without feeling that I’d be judged by it. Not a lot of confidence if you can tell (︶︹︶) HAHA! Also, I’m really shy so yeah.

But hello anyways ^^ hehehehehe. To the friends & family who inspired me to do this (finally), HELLO!!!!! HEHEHE I love you guys and thanks for taking the time to actually come and take a peek at this little humble food blog of mine.

I put lots of love into my cooking/baking so I hope that you do too ❤. & it’s okay if it turns out bad; if you have the passion for it, just keep trying!

You might find me just ranting about the way I like my food to be cooked so sorry in advance! HAHA. This blog is actually kinda my way of reminding myself the recipes of the food I have made before/the places I’ve visited and the food I’ve eaten. No more wasting time trying to find that recipe on the internet that I used months ago!! Wooo hoo!!!

As for food adventures, I kind of depend on Groupon a lot since it is pretty cheap and worth my money HAHA so I’m sorry if you don’t see famous cafes popping up in my posts. They are either too far or the queue is way too long for my liking. Plus most of the time, they are overrated. Anyways, this is a pretty casual blog, advice is greatly appreciated and I don’t forget to smile 🙂 Hehe!

I hope you find the recipes as useful as I did 🙂 I will try to upload a new post every Thursday at 2pm (Melbourne time) so stay tuned!

With Love,
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